Picobots debut album Melanie Griffith released!

SF-EMM member Michael Falk has released his debut album as Picobots titled Melanie Griffith. The album embraces 80’s style production values featuring snappy bass lines,┬áreverb drenched guitars, wailing saxaphones, layered vocal harmonies, synth drums and more! Picobots counts The Human League, early Depeche Mode, and John Carpenter and Vangelis film soundtracks among his influences.

Download the album now for free from Bandcamp.

Electro house set w/ Mike Heyman @ Peacock Lounge (Sunnyvale), June 23

Hey! One of our members, Mike Heymans, has an upcoming gig in about a month in Sunnyvale at the Peacock Lounge. The event details:

… [Mike is] doing a 20-minute electro house set of ORIGINAL music, followed by other awesome music acts.

Tickets are just $8 with the discount code MIKE919. Please get tickets at: http://aftonshows.com/mikeheymans

SF-EMM DJs doing another BLENDR SMOOTH on Sun Mar 18!

Event details: https://www.facebook.com/events/352917848081235/



BLENDR Smooth for March 2012

This month we again have the smooth stylings of groovy, deep house with the some of the Bay Area’s best DJs –

6 to 7pm – Kennyo


7 to 8pm – Jason Godfrey


8 to 9pm – Christian Morgan

9 to 10pm – Qualafox




McKay Garner’s new band Doppio releases an album!

The very talented McKay Garner and Adam Tenenbaum have just put out their new self-titled album and you can get the high-quality download now at:


I’ve been listening to it for a few days and it’s a great blend of rock and electronica, even a little glitchiness and dubstep bass in there. All of the songs have a really unique character and you’ll be listening to them again to pick out the little things hidden in the complex layers. You can also check out their making-of video:

If you watch closely you’ll also see a duck pond in there…

Brand new video podcast episode now live! Electronic Music Makers Video Podcast!

Yes! Chris Huelsbeck and Amy Lee have just started up a video podcast to spread the San Francisco Electronic Music Meetup love far and wide on the internet! You can watch our season prequel below. If you like this, we would love it if you could join our Facebook page or subscribe to our YouTube channel!

X-mas party on Sat Dec 17! We call it “BLENDR”!

A bunch of us have been working really hard to bring you an awesome holiday party and we want you to be there! Announcing: BLENDR: X-MAS THROWDOWN!


– A new monthly party hosted by The San Francisco Electronic Music Meetup Organization –

Come and join us, have a drink, and party at CLUB 93 to the best in Electronic Music for this X-Mas Throwdown!!

So diverse, you will hear everything from Trance, House (Tech, Deep, Latin, Progressive & Electro), Industrial, and Drum & Bass (Liquid & Hard).

This December’s 2011 Line will include the following –

8:00 to 9:05pm – KJ EVE (Industrial —>J-rock)

9:05 to 10:10pm – ILOVEDJREY (House & DubStep)

10:10 to 11:15pm – SUNNY (House)

11:15 to 12:20am – QUALAFOX (Drum & Bass)

12:20 to 1:25am – GIOVANNI ESCOBAR (Trance)

Please help us out. Print out a flyer and GET YOUR FRIENDS TO COME OVER!