Jane Woodman talks about her performance gear

Amy has asked me to write an article about the show I did at the Hot Spot Bar on Sunday, December 5th, 2010, describing my equipment and setup logistics of the performance.

Jane Woodman

This was the first time my equipment and concept had left the studio, and I was actually still encoding video at 4:00 that day, so I was a little stressed, but it was a fun night! My main concern was hoping my equipment and the concept of playing solo with video and tracks would translate into a typical bar environment, and I felt that the Hot Spot was a perfect place to try it out. Eve and her partner set up the PA system that also included a subwoofer, speakers downstairs and upstairs, and a video screen.

Besides some unforeseen circumstances (broken projector remote) and a few mistakes on my part (no guitar volume to mains, ill-fitting earbuds) I think the concept translated quite well, and I’m looking forward to future shows, and eventually a tour, with little or no glitches thanks to what I learned that night.

As for my setup:

Behringer RX1202FX Eurorack mixer. I submix everything and send a stereo out to house mains (or in an independent situation, to powered speakers), using stereo for everything except the mic.

AudioTechnica ATW-251-H92-TH Wireless Mic System. This is a low-end VHF wireless system, and I actually like it quite a lot, and thought it sounded good. I like not being tied to a mic stand. Split mono signal to submix and KP3 pad.

Nady E03 wireless headphone monitor system. As everyone knows, an in-ear monitor is mandatory when you play with tracks. The headphones that come with this low-end UHF system are really bad. Use your own, and make sure they don’t fall out of your ears! It worked great, except I’m replacing my ipod earbuds with higher-end, better-fitting ones. Submix monitor out.

General wireless note: Consider getting higher end, matching UHF frequency components for potential interference prevention (although, IMHO, I don’t know how much control anyone really has over this, and I didn’t notice any substantial problems).

Benq GP1 LED projector with USB interface. I prerecorded live tracks that I attached to video on a thumb drive, which is then inserted into the projector. I’m not impressed with the projector’s menu interface or special encoding you need to do for the USB mpg files, and as those who attended may have noticed, there was a green line on the right side of the video (I have no idea why), and a loading bar for each one. I am looking into using my Macbook Pro and itunes to run the video/tracks in the future for better quality all around, but I really do like the idea of plugging in a thumb drive, instead of running more wires and adding another component to the system. I will give you an update on that one. I thought the projection and the associated music tracks looked and sounded good though, and I was happy with the quality of the machine itself. Stereo signal to submix.

Korg KP3 Kaoss pad. I love this machine. I think I’ve really only scratched the surface of it’s capabilities, but I predict it will become even more crucial to my live sound, and will add interactivity to the performance, which I find important since I play with tracks. I use it extensively in the studio for guitar and vocal effects, which will eventually carry over into my live show. Stereo signal to RC50 Loopstation.

Boss RC-50 Loopstation. Unfortunately, there was not enough room to use this, and at this time, is not a crucial component to my system, but I expect that to change. Typically though, I use it to control the Korg KP3 pad; I program the setlist into it with BPMs and run a midi out to the KP3, and this helps keep the Korg effects in sync. I find looping difficult because you need really talented feet! One thing I can say, though, is that when I do it correctly, it’s right on with the BPMs, so I’m working on that one…I think it has potential, and I like the programming options – you can really customise it to each one of the songs. Stereo signal to submix.

Line 6 Pod XT Live. This is a highly programmable guitar effects machine, and I think it sounds good for line-in guitar performance, which a lot of players cringe about, but I really like it, use it constantly, and it integrates well with the live tracks; an amp would have a hard time doing that unless you were in a venue with a great system and highly skilled engineers. Split stereo signal to submix and KP3 pad.

1959 Gretsch Anniversary Special guitar. Love. Straight into line 6 pod xt live.

All in all, i was happy with the fact that all of my equipment actually worked, people showed up, and the concept translated. I had a nice time – thanks SFEMM!

No, thank YOU Jane! — Amy

December 2010 Notes

Thanks everyone for coming out to this week’s meetup! We heard some great new tracks in different electronic styles. Here are the notes for December’s meetup.

  • Chris Huelsbeck showed us some of his music from the new game Kubrik for iPhone.
    Video: Kubrik ( Iphone/Ipod touch/Ipad ) on Vimeo. Apple Store: Link.
  • Amy Lee played an awesome electro glitch remix she created for the SF-EMM Devo Remix Project.
  • The idea of the project is to remix the song ‘Freedom of Choice‘ by Devo using stems from Beatport.com. Anyone and everyone is welcome to participate. Download the stems ($3.99) from Beatport.com, finish your remix and send it to us by December 15th, 2010.

    Email submissions in MP3 format to devoremix@sf-emm.org.

  • SF-EMM is also planning to put together a 2010 compilation album showcasing tracks by members from 2010. If you’d like to participate, consider which track you’d like to feature. More info on this soon!
  • Kentaro Fischer shared a preview of his remix for the Metric remix contest on Indabamusic.com. Link coming soon when the track is finished. Hear more of Kentaro’s music here: http://www.sonicade.com/
  • Indabamusic regularly features remix contests, many of them by major artists and free to enter. Check out the stems from the  John Legend feat. The Roots – Shine contest.
  • Mike Heijmans played a track for the robot factory scene from an in-the-works animation project. Hear more of Mike’s music here: http://www.conduitrobotic.com/
  • Don’t forget to check out Jane Woodman’s performance tomorrow (December 5th), 7:00PM at The Hot Spot bar (1414 Market St)!

See you at the next SF-EMM in January!

Jane Woodman at The Hot Spot on December 5!

Come check out Jane Woodman’s performance at The Hot Spot on SUNDAY December 5:

The deets:

  • Sunday, December 5 at 7:00 PM
  • Just $7
  • At the Hot Spot Bar: 1414 Market St, San Francisco, CA
  • Genre: Ambient punk

She’s got:

  • 1959 gretsch
  • line 6 podXT live
  • boss RC-50 loopstation
  • korg KP3 pad
  • benq GP1 projector

About Jane Woodman:

From a mysterious corner of San Francisco, Jane Woodman has emerged with Poéme Èlectronique; named after the 1958 World’s Fair Exhibit in Brussels by Le Corbusier, Iannis Xenakis, and Edgard Varése, in appreciation for the early connection of electronic music with architecture and graphics.

Known for intimate but biting post-punk and new wave textures, the founding member of major label band Van Gogh’s Daughter and Alfred (with Zoë Keating) has released a defining collection of electronics and guitar-driven thoughts and stories.

Her debut solo album, Poéme Èlectronique, contains four songs swarming with dream-inducing guitars and dark secret vocals, perfect for late night road trips. The cover is a 10-second character sketch of ‘Torrential’, a gritty superhero loosely based on Siousxie Sioux and The Crow, flash animation that will appear in her videos now and again with a couple of friends. The title track evokes Eno-esque impressions drunk with romance and wishful thinking for the future; ‘Vapour ‘ is a heart-pounding, contemplative, foggy ride. Favorites are reported to be ‘Black Forest’, a noisy anthem for troubled times, and ‘Crashing’, the first video release, that becomes a brooding Warholian collage about travel and a volatile relationship. The song includes additional percussion by PC Muñoz (Joan Jeanrenaud). Additional vocals on ‘Poéme Èlectronique’ by Cynthia Taylor (Third Eye Blind, Dodos).

Karin Dreijer Andersson, Radiohead, Damon Albarn, The XX, Interpol, Deftones, Portishead, Windy & Carl, Cocteau Twins/Robin Guthrie, My Bloody Valentine, The Smiths/Johnny Marr, Curve, Cure, Siousxie & the Banshees, Bloc Party, PJ Harvey, Low, Sonic Youth, M83…

SF-EMM November Notes

A week later than normal, but it was a good one! Thank you to everyone that came by. (btw: There were no notes for October’s meetup.)

Two big things happening soonish:

  • Jam Session. This Sunday, November 14, 3:00 PM, at the Hot Spot.
    However, we will only do this if we have 5 RSVPs. Please visit our calendar to
    sign up.
  • Jane Woodman is going to be doing a special set at the Hot Spot on
    December 5th at 7:00 PM. Details forthcoming…
  • SF-EMM 2010 Album: The idea is coming together where we can have our SF-EMM members contribute to an album that showcases our work for 2010. Details also coming soon…

OK, notes from the meetup:

SF-EMM September Notes

Hi all, here are the notes from another inspiring meetup of electronic music.

Thanks for coming out and see you at the next meetup!

SF-EMM August 2010 Meetup Notes

Hey everyone! Here are the notes from August’s Electronic Music Meetup:

Slides from the Meetup:

SF-EMM July 2010 Meetup Notes

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SF-EMM June 2010 Meetup notes and slides!

Thank you again to Jerry for hosting us at his studio, and thank you to everyone that showed up and shared. Please find below the notes and slides: