The files from May’s jam session are up!

Woo! Thank you to Ryan, Noel, Lukas, and Eve for coming out to throw down some beats at The Hot Spot bar. You can check out/download some audio from the session: (1.5 hours)

Or you can click:

p.s. The June meetup is coming soon in a week and a half, June 9th! Jerry is hosting this one in the Inner Sunset and has a special presentation with a listening of his latest orchestral arrangement. He’ll be doing a 30-45 minute presentation with time for Q&A. See you then!

Notes from May 2010

Hi! Here’s the notes/links from the Wednesday!

Note: The next Meetup will be in the Inner Sunset! See the calendar event for more details.

Note2: Our second Jam Session will be on Sunday May 30th at the Hot Spot bar at 2:00 PM. (Come a little before 2 if you’d like extra time to set up.) More info:

From A Product Of (Anthony):

From Eric:

From Ryan:

From Amy:

Thanks for a cool first jam session!

Here’s some of the audio from the session. The latter 3 tracks were rapped by J.Zilla—he stopped by the bar and picked up the mic!

Notes from April 2010!

Once again thank you for such an awesome turnout! Here’s the notes!

kjEVE’s Hawaiian Delights crochet bikinis:

Omodaka’s “Music Video Orchestra” and MySpace pages:

Kjaerhus Audio plugins

technoBox iPhone app:

Korean girl “applegirl002” cover’s Beyonce on 2 iPhones:

A cappella trax:

Charlie’s noteplex music generator in Flash:

Korg’s iELECTRIBE iPad app:

Little Boots doing a Hot Chip cover on a Tenori-on

Yamaha’s Tenori-on:

Melodica iPhone app:

ThinkGeek’s Bliptronic 5000 LED synth:

TouchOSC iPhone user-configurable controller designer:

March 2010 notes

Thanks to everyone that came and presented! We’re also thankful for the Hot Spot bar to host our group. Here’s some notes:

Also, the slides from the meetup are available here:

Notes from Feb 2009 meetup! (Next one on Mar 3)

That was an awesome session last night! Thank you so much to everyone that came and showed off their music and projects. And we also go to do a live jam session again too! I’ll be posting a mix of audio captured from it soon.


  • Presented a couple of songs using sounds recorded with his Røde stereo mic
  • Kitchen sounds, guitar+vocals clips
  • Had a tip on how to “fatten your sound”—he’ll do a writeup soon.


  • Presented Fireflies “remix” via Renoise
  • Check out Röyskopp’s bassline in “Vision One” … cool synth sound


kj EVE:

  • Presented slideshow for Hawaiian Delights + vocals/mix

Forest + Noel: “The Binary Controllers” band

  • Live demo of their performance rig
  • Forest on Guitar with Roland VG99 guitar synth
  • Noel on Novation Launchpad + keyboard controller

Other interesting things

And a “mea culpa” note: I forgot to play two new songs from Rosendo—we’ll hear them at the next meetup!

Mar 3, 2010 @ 7:00 PM, Hot Spot bar (Market at 10th St)

McKay’s teaching a mixing workshop on Feb 7

McKay Garner will be teaching a workshop early next month. If you’d like to check it out please visit the Talking House Productions website:

This workshop is focused on the mixing process including preparing your room acoustically, basic techniques such as session prep, monitoring, levels, balance, “vision,” eq techniques, compression, effects and sound stage, and routing. He will also address more advanced techniques including parallel compression, sidechaining, parallel band pass eq and fx, saturation, transient design, drum mixing techniques, drum enhancement and replacement, bus compression, advanced routing, automation, and more. There will be …