Audulus: build your own synth

Here’s a cool new piece of software that’s available for the Mac and soon for the iPad. It works as an Audio Unit, and can be a host for other Audio Units—yes you can use it as an instrument or it can control other instruments. Talk about making really rich sounds! Audulus Briefing from Taylor […]

Joe Lasqo at Luggage Store Gallery on June 28

Posting some member gig news: MSP 包山節 with Warren Stringer’s visual synth @LSG (Thu 28 Jun, 8pm) + Glou-glou (9pm) “This all-laptop show will feature luminous and dark harmonic spectra, and doppler’d / computer-restructured time — especially time-warped and processed sound from my field recordings of the excited crowds, street percussion, snatches of Cantonese opera, […]

SoundCloud links and other links from the May 9 meetup

Hello! Thank you so much for a great meetup. As promised here are links to people’s music pages and/or SoundCloud pages. If you are on SoundCloud and want to join the SF-EMM group, please see: Amotz Zig Av: Amy: Ben Janik: Circus of Mind: Florent Berthaut: and Gina Collecchia: Josh McFarland: Louis Gorenfeld: Mark Altin: and […]