Portishead’s “Dummy” played by SFRMA at GMAH, Mon Oct 29

Coming up on Monday October 29 is the San Francisco Roots Music Association (SFMRA) performance of Portishead’s amazing “Dummy” album. They’ll giving the Great American Music Hall (GMAH) a trip-hop bath. Better yet, SF-EMM member Antonio Sage is laying down the bass in the band!

Go check it out and get tickets before they sell out:

Buy tickets: http://tickets.gamh.com/events/248369
Portishead event: https://www.facebook.com/events/149802975157876/
SFRMA: http://www.sfrma.org

(S1E4) McKay Garner of doppio performance and interview – Electronic Music Makers Video Podcast

McKay Garner of the band “doppio” gives an in-depth tutorial on “keyboard drumming”: using a drumKAT MIDI controller with Ableton Live to create the beats and melodic lines heard on their latest self-titled album. McKay also talks about the band’s creative process and their participation in the Music Video Race.

Brought to you by the San Francisco Electronic Music Meetup (SF-EMM). Hosted by Chris Huelsbeck and Amy Lee. Contents:

* doppio
* drumKAT
* McKay Garner – Keyboard Drumming with Ableton Live
* Ableton Live
* “Cobra” music video by the Outer Avenues
* Music Video Race

3rd Annual Moog Circuit Bending Challenge!

This just in!

Wake up, Benders, Modders, and Hardware Hackers; it’s time for the third annual Moog Circuit Bending Challenge! … This year’s contest is to create a circuit bent sampler. Film your bend process and a musical performance with your final creation. The device … must be able to take samples on the fly with no computer interface needed. Also, the sampler must be solely populated with sounds from Google’s amazing Moog Doodle. Get the Doodle here.

More info: http://www.moogmusic.com/news/3rd-annual-moog-circuit-bending-challenge

Next Pyramind Test Press contest: October 4!

Get your song submissions ready! The next Test Press event is coming October 4 at Pyramind in San Francisco. You must submit your entries early because only 16 songs will get a chance to compete. There’s prizes and other good stuff to be had. For more information please check out their link: