Selling Gigastudio/Audio Computer For Musicians

Gigastudio/Audio Computer For Musicians

Windows XP Computer
with Asus P4P800SE motherboard (original manual included)
Gigastudio 3 (Orchestra)
2 quiet Seagate hard drives
Video card
Frontier Wave Center PCI pro audio sound card with 2 midi in/out and 8 channels of ADAT in/out (8 channels digital audio)
DVD drive
15″ Samsung monitor, keyboard and mouse included.

Great for music and audio, Win XP tweaked for best audio performance.  This computer has been used only in an electronic music studio by the original owner with no internet connectivity and is free of spyware, viruses, etc.  I do not have documentation for Gigastudio (available most likely online).  I do have documentation for the sound card.

local only SF bay area
cash only

You can contact Jerry Gerber at: