2021 San Francisco Electronic Music Meetup Surveyyyyy

Valueable take aways?

What information or experiences have you taken away from one or more of our meetups that you valued the most?

Content you would like to see more of?

Tell us content or format you would like to see more of in our SFEMM meetups?


  • Continued music sharing and feedback s like we have currently
  • Presentations on music production techniques
  • Presentations on business strategies for my music, equipment demos, etc
  • Or please explain your own idea that you’d like to see regularly in our events

What city should host SF-EMM?

What city do you feel would be good for our SF-EMM meetups in order to be most accessible for everyone?

(San Francisco, Oakland, Antioch, Tokyo, Amsterdam, etc)

Do you know of a venue for SF-EMM meetups?

It seems that our current in-person venue may not be open to the public this year. Do you know of a venue that would be good for our meetups? Ideally, it would have a dedicated room for us for two hours or more once a month to meet, listen to music,and chat. A PA or speaker system is a bonus for sure!

Is there anything else you would like to share with the SF-EMM Leadership?

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