4 channel mod goodness!

Have a listen to this funky oldschool 4 channel mod by our very own Louis Gorenfeld. Made with Milkytracker this tune uses a total of 4 mono tracks and pull off an amazingly full sound. BRAss enSEMbLe mASsacRE (4ch MOD) by extentofthejam You can grab the actual .mod file here to see how the track was… Continue reading 4 channel mod goodness!

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January 2011 Remix Challenge

Welcome back! It’s 2011 and to kick things off we’re going to try something new: we are the ones who are going to offer up a song for remixing! Over the holidays, Eve and I got together to write, record, and produce our own dance music track. The result: Come With Me (ANI feat. Eve… Continue reading January 2011 Remix Challenge

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SF-EMM August 2010 Meetup Notes

Hey everyone! Here are the notes from August’s Electronic Music Meetup: Kin-Yoobi Con is this Saturday August 7. Eve is doing the fashion show and coordinating music for it. 3:00-4:00 PM, Chabot College. More details:  http://www.gzronline.com/convention.htm Chris Huelsbeck played tracks from some of his upcoming projects. His new soundtrack EP for ZombieSmash is now available:… Continue reading SF-EMM August 2010 Meetup Notes

Talking with Chris Huelsbeck, composer for the new Zombie Smash iPhone game

Chris Huelsbeck, SF-EMM member and experienced video game soundtrack composer for more than 70 titles, has one more to add to his list: Zombie Smash. Here’s a short email interview I had with him recently: Amy: You have heavy pianos, grungy guitars, and punchy percussion. Was there any particular inspiration for the music? Chris: Zombie… Continue reading Talking with Chris Huelsbeck, composer for the new Zombie Smash iPhone game