Ableton Live 9 – 101 by Lenny Kiser

Lenny Kiser¬†gave us some great tips & tricks with Ableton Push at last night’s SF-EMM! On July 6th he will be offering an Ableton 101 Intro class over 4 days. This is a great opportunity to gain a full on understanding of Ableton production techniques from start to finish!

Don’t have Ableton 9? The class includes a free 30 day trial version!

For more details check out:

Serge Modular demo at the February 13th Meetup!

Dmitri from COA-Modular has agreed to come to our February 13th Meetup to discuss the Serge Modular and the workshops they are doing at Robotspeak on the third Saturday of every month (starting in February). This is a great opportunity to learn how to build your own Serge Modular and also hear what it sounds like and how these monsters actually work.

Here are some of the topics Dmitri will be speaking about:

– Why they call the 1970s Serge “The People’s Synthesizer”/Brief local history of the Serge Modular Synth.
– What’s so different or cool about The Serge ?
– What they offer at their workshops / how you can get one.

We look forward to seeing you there and don’t forget to bring some music your wrote to share. In the meantime check out COA-Modular at these links:

Circuit benders in SF!

Robotspeak is having the first of a 3-part class on circuit bending starting this Saturday! More information at:


ROBOTSPEAK and Dmitri go forward with Dmitri’s second round of Circuit Bending classes on 3 Saturdays

3 sessions (eleven hours total) includes DIY voice changer:

TIME: Feb 11th, 18th, 25th from 1:00 till 4PM

Cost: $285

Circuit Bending is the art of rewiring and short-circuiting a device to create entirely new sounds. Taking an obsolete piece of gear or toy and breathing new life into it turning it into a useable piece of Lo Fi kit for studio or stage.

Things that will be covered: how to house / place added controls / switches / knobs / how to circuit bendYou will leave with your piece of gear circuit bent / modified ready for the studio or the stage. You will also leave with an advanced understanding of circuit bending.

This class will teach the basic’s of circuit bending and follows through by providing examples of how to integrate these new sounds into your studio. It’s an inexpensive9 hour class that is spread over 3 Saturdays.

First class: Basics of circuit bending. How to do a Pitch mod, A Battery starve, and add Audio outs ( guitar jack ).

Second class: How to build an audio to 5+v trigger cable and how to use it to trigger toys/bent things from any DAW or drum machine.

Third class: Bring something in and Dmitri will help you bend it.

Requirements: A 30 watt (or more) soldering iron, your bendable unit of choice supplied by you (optional)

call 415-554-1977or email to enroll

McKay’s teaching a mixing workshop on Feb 7

McKay Garner will be teaching a workshop early next month. If you’d like to check it out please visit the Talking House Productions website:

This workshop is focused on the mixing process including preparing your room acoustically, basic techniques such as session prep, monitoring, levels, balance, “vision,” eq techniques, compression, effects and sound stage, and routing. He will also address more advanced techniques including parallel compression, sidechaining, parallel band pass eq and fx, saturation, transient design, drum mixing techniques, drum enhancement and replacement, bus compression, advanced routing, automation, and more. There will be …