February 2011 Jam Session

That was an awesome jam session. After a little setup Tetris-ing we got the system we jammed out for almost 3 straight hours. Seriously. Thank you for making this so much fun! You can grab the MP3 audio files (36 files, continuous mix) here: http://sf-emm.org/audio/2011-02-jam/SFEMM_JamSession_Feb2011.zip

SF-EMM September Notes

Hi all, here are the notes from another inspiring meetup of electronic music. Brian Trifon of Trifonic shared the track ‘Parks on Fire’ and some production insights. Check out his websites: Trifonic: http://www.trifonic.com/ Next Step Audio Blog: http://www.nextstepaudio.com/ Ryan’s songs: Ourglas (Deep Tech House): http://soundcloud.com/qualafox/ourglas The Soundlab (Drum&Bass): http://soundcloud.com/qualafox/the-soundlab Next SF-EMM Jam Session is on …

The files from May’s jam session are up!

Woo! Thank you to Ryan, Noel, Lukas, and Eve for coming out to throw down some beats at The Hot Spot bar. You can check out/download some audio from the session: http://sf-emm.org/audio/2010-05-jam/ (1.5 hours) Or you can click: http://sf-emm.org/audio/2010-05-jam/sfemm_may10_1a.mp3 http://sf-emm.org/audio/2010-05-jam/sfemm_may10_1b.mp3 http://sf-emm.org/audio/2010-05-jam/sfemm_may10_1c.mp3 http://sf-emm.org/audio/2010-05-jam/sfemm_may10_2a.mp3 http://sf-emm.org/audio/2010-05-jam/sfemm_may10_3a.mp3 http://sf-emm.org/audio/2010-05-jam/sfemm_may10_4a.mp3 http://sf-emm.org/audio/2010-05-jam/sfemm_may10_5a.mp3 http://sf-emm.org/audio/2010-05-jam/sfemm_may10_6a.mp3 http://sf-emm.org/audio/2010-05-jam/sfemm_may10_7a.mp3 p.s. The June meetup is coming soon in …

Thanks for a cool first jam session!

Here’s some of the audio from the session. The latter 3 tracks were rapped by J.Zilla—he stopped by the bar and picked up the mic! http://sf-emm.org/audio/2010-04/sfemm_2010apr_jam1.mp3 http://sf-emm.org/audio/2010-04/sfemm_2010apr_jam2.mp3 http://sf-emm.org/audio/2010-04/sfemm_2010apr_jam3.mp3 http://sf-emm.org/audio/2010-04/sfemm_2010apr_jam4.mp3 http://sf-emm.org/audio/2010-04/sfemm_2010apr_jam5.mp3 http://sf-emm.org/audio/2010-04/sfemm_2010apr_jam6.mp3 http://sf-emm.org/audio/2010-04/sfemm_2010apr_jam7.mp3