SF-EMM Remix Chain Project

What’s this project about and what’s a remix chain? Well, the notion is to take a snippet of music – in this case, 64 measures – and pass it around, just like in the childhood game of “Telephone.” It’s one way of involving more people in a remix, as well as challenging participants’ production chops.


Basic Rules:

  • The first original track is bounced to 24/48000 WAV or AIFF parts. It’s best to solo and bounce the individual tracks as audio, removing any large sections of silence to reduce file size.  High quality WAV, AIFF, or FLAC is what we recommend.
  • Each remix should use the stems provided from the previously composed remix in the chain (or the original in the case of the first remix).  The length should be about 64 bars in length
  • Each remixer should solo and bounce the new derivative remix parts in the same manner as received from the previous remixer and pass these to the next remixer in the chain.  a dropbox folder is provided for each remixer to place their stems into and get access to the other stems.
  • We ask that you try and keep to a 2 week deadline so that the project flows smoothly from remixer to remixer.  If you’ve joined the chain but you’re having trouble feel free to email the list for some ideas and encouragement!


Project Remix Chain album # 1: Bitwise – “With you Camus” 


Individual track stems on DropBox

Current chain members:

  • Christopher Arnold (aka Bitwise)
  • Kentaro Fischer (aka Sonicade)
  • Amy Lee (aka ANI)
  • Christian Wirsig
  • Torrey Taralli
  • Nick Hinds
  • Tamás Kálmán
  • Steven Davidowitz


How do I join the chain?

We will discuss progress at each monthly meet-up and once the chain is complete we’ll share the remixes online and with the group!  To get in on this please email:  remix@sf-emm.org and we’ll get you a spot in the chain.

Where do I get the stems and upload my finished work?

The remix process happens as a chain.  Once you’ve joined the chain we will give you read/write access to the stems folder on dropbox so that you can grab the previous remixers stems and then upload your finished work.  Once completed the next person in the chain will pick up where you left off.