Meetup Notes – February 2011



Some quick notes about upcoming events!

  • Jam Session on February 13! Sign up here!
  • Woodman Colón + Jane Woodman: they are playing at an arts night this Saturday February 5: Mama Buzz Cafe, 2318 Telegraph Ave, Oakland, CA, 7:00-10:00 PM
  • The cover band Duran Duran Duran will be playing the Red Devil Lounge on February 18: Tickets and info

And a few other notes from the Meetup:

  • Chris Huelsbeck did the soundtrack to the new iPhone game Subsolar by Tenshi Noir is now available on the iTunes App Store!
  • For pretty bad-ass guitar effects in a VST check out IK’s AmpliTube3 modeling guitar effects processor
  • Next remix challenge: Round Table Knights “Say What”