Come With Me Remix – January 2011

Welcome back! It’s 2011 and to kick things off we’re going to try something new: we are the ones who are going to offer up a song for remixing!

Over the holidays, Eve and I got together to write, record, and produce our own dance music track. The result:

Come With Me (ANI feat. Eve Miyasaki)
by Amy Lee, Eve Miyasaki

So the challenge for you is to do a remix of this song and bring it to the February 2nd meetup.

It gets better, too! We have all the parts of the song (instruments, stems, raw vocals) all ready for you to download. Grab what you want and make something awesome! Oh, and this is all Creative Commons licensed.

Send us your remix and/or bring it to the next meetup:


Come With Me MP3 file ComeWithMe_ANI.mp3
Come With Me album art ComeWithMe_ANI.jpg
Instrument Samples
Lyrics ComeWithMe_ANI_lyrics.txt
Raw Vocals
Normalized, Pitched-Up Vocals ComeWithMe_ANI_Vocals_VolumeAdjusted_
Renoise song file
(This is the DAW that was used to create the song. You can download the app at

Your Remixes

Come With Me Remix
by David von Holder