Devo December: Freedom of Choice Remix Album

Hello Music Fans!!

This is but the first of many musical projects you will be able to experience from the SF-EMM group. So what was our thought process you ask? We wanted to start off with a remix album to provide a level of continuity along with showing the diverse styles we bring to the table. Now…we could have chosen from artists that many of you hear and dance to in the clubs today. However, anyone could have done that. 🙂

We choose work outside of the box and remix an 80’s song from one of this generations trend-setters in electronic and alternative music…DEVO!! Here is the original song that we started from and the music stem we used to work our wizardry –

Original Song: Link
Musical Stems: Link

Hope you enjoy!!

1. Freedom Of Choice (Qualafox F.O.C. Remix)

by Ryan A. Jones ( Download MP3 | website )

2. Freedom of Choice (ANI vs Devo)

by Amy Lee ( Download MP3 | website )

3. Freedom Of Choice (Choose Your Freedom)

by Mike Heijmans ( Download MP3 | website )

4. Freedom of Choice (Dark Mix)

by Eric Odland ( Download MP3 )