Here Are Some of the SF-EMM Artists

ANI (Amy Lee), a San Francisco Bay Area native, has been doing improvised music since early childhood. Who knew that piano lessons and jazz band would have gotten crossed with her second love: computer technology. But she’s left the comfort of Cubase and Renoise in her home studio to play live sets with ultra-portable iPads, iPhones, and synths. Her music is a blend of beats, chord progressions, and wild synth solos. Every performance is unique and never to be repeated again. She has appeared at Mobile Music Meetup events and is a coordinator of the San Francisco Electronic Music Meetup.
Extent of the Jam
Extent of the Jam (Louis Gorenfeld) specializes in synthfunk and chiptunes. He got into writing music on the computer because of Rob Hubbard’s C64 Commando. “After hearing that, I was fascinated with what you could do with just a little bit of synth equipment, and I remain a firm believer that restriction (or at least restraint) spurs creativity and new ways of thinking about composition and sound design.” His music is influenced by oldschool videogame soundtracks, jazz fusion, classic rock & metal, 90s electronica, funk, r&b, and demostyle.
Greg Fender
Qualafox has been producing a wide range of musical adventures for over 10 years. His music has been included for background atmospheres for websites and artistic performances, and he has chosen to keep his interests wide open for discovery. This includes applying a “everything and the kitchen sink” approach to producing a plethora of sounds for Neo-Soul, Beats, House, and Drum & Bass Music. As part of the discovery and growth process, he lends his visions to remixing works of major artists such as Depeche Mode and Paul Van Dyk, and Opiuo.

In addition, he DJs/Performs at major venues in San Francisco, California to include Temple Night Club, The Cellar, Mist, Showdown, and Raven Lounge.