About SF-EMM

We are a growing collective of producers, performers, and music lovers of all forms of electronic music and DAWs.

Join us the second Wednesday of the month for our virtual (and soon in person!) meetups:

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A word from our founder: 

What do we all have in common: Electronic Music, or Electronica.

Our interests in it may range from experiencing the music amidst throngs of people, or on our own, at the gym, or in the car… In any case, we probably all enjoy letting the music take us somewhere, away, immersing ourselves in the beat, the melody, the textures of the instruments.

We are on the lookout for new music, we are early adopters of new artists. By the time an artist hits the radio, its old school, while we may feel vindicated, knowing we found them first, we are already onto new artists, themes, styles, etc…

For the people in this group who are into the making of music, as amateurs or pros, we enjoy an additional level of interest, when we analyze and break down the music, and think about how we would recreate it:

We finally understand the magnitude of work that goes into each song we hear. Each song is often more than the beat, the melody, the instruments, but there is the texturing, the structure, the effects, and more, which are all required to create even a semi-finished product.

We are of varying levels of knowledge, and here to help each other, learn from each other, critique each other’s work, and provide tips, all in a friendly environment.

~ Erik, 2007

Meetup team:

  • Amy
  • Kentaro
  • Rob
  • Ryan